I was wakened by a beam of light shining through my window.

Dan hoped that Linda could tell him something about what happened to Matt.

Neither of them seemed too worried.

Do you serve any sugar-free beverages?


Money isn't everything, but if you have no money, you can't do anything.

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I go right home after work.

What is he on about?

Big brother, you've got a bad fever?! Never mind the bags, rest in the shade of those trees!

I just want to sit in a corner and cry.

They love this song.

Maybe it won't make any difference.

Chip felt like he was in over his head.


I can't take it home.

I want to go talk to Ole.

I was robbed not more than 1000 yen.

I have no idea who has your car right now.

I heard him sniffle.

I'm going to take a walk with Corey.

This water is good to drink.


She advised him to leave earlier.

The pizza tasted good.

You were very rude to me.


Tell us what you know about Ahmet.

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The third in the series was a level above the rest.

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So, be my guest!

She works at Hooters.

I think I should see a doctor.


I think we got it fixed.

You can let her go now.

You're not actually suggesting that I go out with another girl, are you?

If I had brushed my teeth...

That tradition has fallen by the wayside.

We're not supposed to be here.

I looked around and noticed that I was the only car on the road.

Rob said he wished he didn't have to do that.

God gave you so that you could give.

The morning sun is so bright that I cannot see it.

I'm sure you'll do very well.

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Cory trained very hard.

We were supposed to tell everyone to leave.

I am Samuel.

Do you have pictures with your wife?

The man who nearly drowned began to breathe.

Why would Thomas take that risk?

About 250 million years ago, the continents came together to form a supercontinent called Pangea.


At least four were killed in the explosion of a car bomb outside a police station in the capital, Nairobi.


He is not young any more than I am.


We can't lie to you.

Fry me an egg.

Wilson broke Earnie's expensive Chinese Ming vase.

He owes his success to his parents.

I wanted to ask Loukas why he had never gotten married.

He's always burning the midnight oil.

My uncle calls on me every three days.

Nowadays, some kindergartens are carrying out bilingual teaching, and so all the children can speak a little English.

He always eats eggs without salt and pepper.

That would be terribly disappointing.

Patrick and Meehan were sitting at a table in the corner.

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Ralph is amazing.

Melinda didn't break it.

I think we've made some real progress.

He arrived with me.

It's not my fault, is it?


You used to like me.

Is there a bank nearby?

I must be getting soft.

She's a ski instructor.

Becky tried to intimidate Leila.

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Galen always eats breakfast cereal without sugar.

You have to stay away from him.

This is a personal decision for every person.

Everyone wants that.

Children don't like people who destroy nature.

Dominick is watching television.

This is so exciting.

That information is classified.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.


She became thin worrying about his matters.

I don't think you can gain his ear.

Let's just get Raphael out of here.

Cathy was somewhere else.

I'm not pregnant.

No need to heat up so much!

We don't have to starve.


Are you guys close?

Marie went to the doctor.

He is in danger of losing his position unless he works harder.

Hopefully, it won't rain this evening.

You ought not to have done such a thing.


Please do not invite crime by leaving the handbags and valuables on your seat unattended.


I looked around the store but couldn't find what I had in mind.

Will you light the fire?

Miki wants to keep it.

Ron is scared to death.

He ordered an army officer to go with them.

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Maybe it's the same person.

Casey decided to postpone the meeting.

Derek might be badly hurt.

Her daughter can recite many poems.

Where's my suitcase?

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The name of the playwright character in the game MARDEK 3, Akhmed Wobblescimitare, is an obvious pun on William Shakespeare, and I find it pretty amusing.

There's nowhere for her to go.

In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

Someone knocked on Marco's door.

I addressed a petition to the mayor.


We'll come and visit you.

Tolerant left a while ago.

My shoes got wet.

I have to give a class tomorrow at 2:30.

Will took charge of the situation.

Norman gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

There are lots of risky places in London.

So the pigeon can feel the magnetic field on its head, but it can't feel the Earth's magnetic field.

The people here are really friendly.


Our apple tree is blooming.

Do I look fat?

It is out of fashion.

Keep a tally of what you owe.

Robin is really adorable when he sleeps.

It was extremely cold.

He has a lot of books on history.

They're all good guys.

The fastest runner can't run 100 meters in 9 seconds.

You might want to have someone look into that matter.

That must've been something.

I know how hard this must be.

I have quite a little work to do this afternoon.

It became obvious that he was late for his class.

Blayne is going to be staying for a while.


Jared baked three dozen cookies for Cindy's party.


He tossed his dirty clothes on the floor.


Manners make the man.

Sekar must've told us the truth.

Her long hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

Waves are beating the shore.

I want to eat Chinese noodles.


Nobody can stop Sylvan.

My parents weren't very wealthy.

Don't play poker with them.

Even the birds are staying in the shade here!

She was ahead of her time.

We have ample time to catch our train.

Carisa is an expert on this subject.

Meeting Gene has changed my life.

Mac is the one who went to Boston with Murthy.


I like figuring things out.

My sisters would like to come to the party with us.

They seem to be worrying about nuclear weapons.

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Usually I cycle or get the bus to work.

It was very exciting.

He said he did not want to be president.

After the Russian Federation has conquered the Crimea, the country's government provides on the peninsula worldwide best travel conditions for self-torturers and masochists.

I couldn't figure out how to do it.

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I gave my vote to Ken.

It couldn't be done.

I don't want to go with Kazuhiro.


If I could have a wish, I'd wish I could make up for lost time.


Let's settle down.


Children can play without danger here.

Kent ended up in the hospital.

I'm just telling you what I found.

Yes, Diana is a nice guy, but I wouldn't be able to fall in love with him.

You learn something new every day.


The ship was not damaged.

Who says I'm afraid of you?

I'll set the alarm for seven o'clock.